Airbus patent: staartloos vliegtuig

Na het vliegtuig zonder cockpitramen komt Airbus nu met een vliegtuig zonder staart.

“Swiveling engines attached to the fuselage by struts, for example to the rear part of the fuselage are used to control the pitch and yaw movements of an aircraft.
The swivel axes of the engines are oriented to form a V so that swiveling one engine creates a variation of the vertical and lateral components of the engine thrust. Controlled swiveling of the two swiveling engines makes it possible to generate a component of the resultant thrust in a vertical plane that can be controlled in direction and intensity to generate pitch and yaw torques.
The swiveling engines also include pods provided with jet deflection flaps for the engine considered, and the struts are profiled and provided with a trailing edge control surface using ruddervator architecture.”


“To improve the control qualities of an aircraft and reduce the penalties of weight and aerodynamic drag of the known architectures, this disclosed embodiment proposes an aircraft whose pitch and yaw control uses, at least partly, the thrust of the engines by acting in the direction of the thrust, which can be modified effectively within the necessary amplitude and with the necessary speed.”


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