flydubai uitgeroepen tot beste low-cost carrier

Op de CAPA Aviation Awards in flydubai uitgeroepen tot meest innovatieve en invloedrijkste low-cost carrier van de wereld.

[su_quote cite=”CAPA”]“With a fleet of some 40 737s, flydubai recently became the Middle East’s largest LCC and has laid out an aggressive long-term plan to more than quadruple in size. It has successfully built a presence in smaller markets previously not served to Dubai. flydubai has established exceptional levels of staff productivity, even by LCC standards, and built solid ancillary revenue streams that have flowed into rising levels of profitability. A successful hybrid product strategy has also boosted yields. The outlook for 2015 and beyond is very bright,”[/su_quote]

Bloomberg weet op basis van bronnen te melden dat flydubai $500 miljoen op heeft weten te halen. Beleggers in flydubai krijgen 2% rente op de lening. In november en december krijgt de maatschappij nog 15 toestellen geleverd.

Andere winnaars

Er werden nog meer winnaars van awards bekend gemaakt. Eerder meldden we al dat Etihad tot Best Airline was uitgeroepen. Daarnaast is Madrid tot beste groot vliegveld (meer dan 25 miljoen reizigers) uitgeroepen.

[su_quote cite=”CAPA”]“During 2014 passenger traffic and cargo volume at Madrid have both grown quite strongly, to two year highs, and even exceeding the average for AENA’s airports in total. This has been brought about partly by the renegotiation on charges, and active marketing of the airport’s existing short haul airlines, long haul airlines, and newcomers like Norwegian which has established a base there. This resurgence has taken place despite lingering concerns about the impact of the partial privatisation of AENA Aeropuertos, whose largest asset is Madrid Airport – when it will take place and how it will affect the long established culture of airport operations in Spain. That is quite an achievement”[/su_quote]

Het beste kleinere vliegveld is Sabiha Gökçen International Airport van Istanbul.

[su_quote cite=”CAPA”]“Sabiha Gökçen International Airport has become a success story in a city and country where success stories in the aviation business have become the norm. Sabiha Gökçen has established itself as a genuine rival to Ataturk Airport in the ‘Asian’ part of Istanbul, attracting new investors, and demonstrating solid and consistent traffic growth throughout the year. It has managed 20-25% growth consistently over 10 years. Sabiha Gökçen’s success has gone hand-in-hand with that of Pegasus Airlines, but it has also attracted Turkish Airlines to set up a second Istanbul hub. An A380-ready second runway that will be completed in 2017, at least a year before ‘Istanbul New Airport’ is a project that throws down a gauntlet to the new airport even before it is completed,”[/su_quote]

De laatste award gaat naar de beste CEO: Willie Walsh van IAG (British Airways en Iberia)

[su_quote cite=”CAPA”]Willie Walsh’s vision and execution of IAG’s strategic agenda has positioned the group well for the achievement of margins beyond the reach of many rival airline groups. Willie has been exceptionally clear and focused with what he has been trying to achieve at the IAG carriers and has been consistently driving transformation ahead of his rivals. This has allowed IAG to recommence growing, as its new competitive profile generates business.

“His past successes have included addressing labour issues at British Airways and guiding Iberia’s turnaround. These successes have bred confidence in the group’s ability to achieve its stated objectives,”[/su_quote]

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